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A free message board for residents and visitors of
Hastings and St Leonards in East Sussex

Archive of the forum (pre-March 2014). New posts are not allowed on the archive.

Moving to the Area

New to Hastings and St Leonards? Get the low down on a street or neighbourhood.
Where to Stay and What's On?

Visiting the area? Discuss where to stay and places worth a visit while you're here.
Schools and Colleges

Ask questions or post about today's schools and colleges or your eduction time memories.
Sports, Leisure & Hobbies

Clubs in Hastings & St Leonards. Discuss requirements and recommendations.
Transport (public & private)

Got a question or complaint about the buses or trains? Rant about roads, paths or cycle lanes.
Locals have your say

Sound off about anything that bothers you. Whatever makes your blood boil.
Work / Jobs/ Employment

Looking for a job or have a vacancy, post here!
General Q&A + Friendly Banter

General chit chat and banter. Start a thread about anything you like (within reason).
Lost Relatives / Friends

Tracking down a lost friend or relative that lived in the Hastings area? Start investigating here.
Old Buildings and Streets

What happened to a house, local pub, cinema etc, or even a street that no longer exists.
Site Updates and Suggestions

All sensible suggestions for the website will be taken on board. Latest updates here for you.
Local Traders, good and bad

Whether you've been impressed or depressed, share your experiences with local traders.
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